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CCTV Video Security

Video security solutions for use in critical security zones.

Military Facilities

Airports and Sea Ports

Border and seafront control

industrial facilities and pipelines

Buildings, infrastructure, highways, parks, cities, etc.

Real-time recording and transmission to Control Center or Crisis Rooms, intelligent image analytics.

Intelligent Analysis in REAL TIME



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VAIDIOTM Video Intelligence Platform, by IRONYUN

All-in-One Platform with AI-based software and hardware for plug-and-play deployment in security operations.

The VAIDIO Video Intelligence Platform delivers video analytics solutions for Security, Safety, Access Control and Social Health Screening.

VAIDIO's 4th generation AI makes video monitoring, security alerts, health screening and forensic investigation more accurate, more automated, and more affordable - and helps make your business safer and more secure.

It has several analytics :

  • Facial recognition and license plates (LPR)

  • Intrusion

  • Counting people and vehicles of different types, brands and models

  • Anomalous behavior

  • Heat maps

  • Weapon detection

  • Smoke and fire detection

  • Construction / IPE's

Forensic analysis and filters:

  • Vehicles of different colors and quantities, differentiating between bicycles, buses, automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, including LPR with a minimum of 3 digits.

  • People differentiating age (approximate) and gender, being able to analyze previously loaded lists

  • Animals, differentiating between cats, dogs, horses, cows and others

  • Objects (22 different types: backpacks, gloves, umbrellas, tie, etc.)

Allows combined searches, for example, you can find in seconds, all male people over sixty years old, who wear red and carrying a backpack, in the universe of all the cameras in your system, in real time or on recordings.

VAIDIOTM overview

Video surveillance through the VAIDIO platform supports video analysis solutions with deep learning through video search, facial recognition, intrusion detection, health screening, LPR and more.

Some relevant resources

  • It is implemented in tens of thousands of cameras worldwide.

  • Finds objects and patterns in the video in real time and recorded.

  • Automates social health checks and people counting.

  • It supports more video analysis functions than any alternative from other Competitors.

  • Works with virtually all third-party IP and VMS camcorders to automate typical security tasks.

  • Enables analytics in analog cameras as long as they are connected to an encoder or NVR


  • Perimeter Security and Intrusion Detection

  • Facial Recognition and LPR for Access Control

  • Video Search and Forensic Investigation

  • Face Mask, Occupancy and Temperature Screening

Police and Security Benefits

The VAIDIO video surveillance software platform uses advanced deep-learning technology to allow for it to support more video analytics functions than any other competitive alternative.

VAIDIO's 4th generation AI makes video monitoring, security alerts, and forensic investigation more accurate, more automated, and more affordable.


  • Initiate AI-enabled analytics coverage at substantially reduced pricing

  • Improve law enforcement's capability to prevent and solve crime

  • Reduce staff video monitoring time

  • Reduce forensic video search time, days to minutes

  • Reduce false alarms by orders of magnitude

  • Upgrade easily to include License Plate Recognition


The best and most competitive in its range, contact for detailed information.

CCTV Kedacom



NVR / Server

Speed Dome Cameras

Smart Cameras

PTZ Laser Cameras

Professional equipment developed for intensive use.

Possibility of redundancy, image analytics, and connection of third party equipment.


ONVIF Profile S


> NVR Highlights demo video


Various selection possibilities according to the conditions of the facilities and the objectives of the Users.

We can provide equipment for all types of environments and lighting conditions.

Various types of fixed, motorized, varifocal and auto focus lenses.

Various functions of intelligent image analysis and tracking solutions for moving objects in real time.

> Tracking demo video

> Human recognitive demo video

IPC525 models:

Equipment developed for use in extreme conditions: -60º ~ 60º

Laser 5Km (synchronized)

Zoom up to 15Km.

Positioning accuracy up to 0.01º

Ideal for border control, waterfront, pipelines, industry, cities, roads, golf, etc.

> PTZ Laser 15Km demo video

> PTZ Laser 10Km demo video

CCTV Forças Especiais e Fronteiras


CCTV Forças de Segurança

Internal security

CCTV Edificios e Serviços


CCTV Infraestruturas e Energia


CCTV Transportes Terrestres e Estradas

Transport and highways

CCTV Aeroportos

Airports and Ports

CCTV Transportes Públicos

Public transport

CCTV Vigilância das Cidades

safe city

Central Control and Video Monitoring Station (VMS)

The centralization of systems allows massive recording of all remote units and bidirectional communication / management of all systems.

The Command Center can thus make decisions and act with the support of an intelligent system that filters events and alarms for even more efficient command and management.

CCTV Outros














Special projects and systems

Dimension and design for implementation in different types of installations and special applications:

Temperature control and thermal detection

  • Thermal cameras for commercial or industrial application

  • Temperature analysis and detection to track user's health conditions and public spaces

  • Temperature analysis to check the functioning and stability of machines and production lines

  • Thermal analysis of fire prevention and detection facilities

  • Thermal analysis for intrusion detection in critical environments

  • Others...

Learn about our imaging solutions and analytical thermal, information in PDF

Perimeters and borders control, and autotracking

  • Special, long-range cameras for critical security applications in large installations

  • Autotracking systems with radar integration

  • Autotracking systems using images from fixed cameras

Intelligent analysis and functions of real-time video and recordings

  • Facial recognition

  • License plate recognition

  • Object, color and volume recognition

  • Zone entry and exit detection (ROI)

  • Counting people and vehicles

  • Detection of irregular behaviors such as falling people, crawling, stops and parking, groups, etc.

  • Flames and smoke detection

  • Detection of weapons, knives, pistols, shotguns

  • Heatmap, "heat" maps for different types of targets: people, colors, animals, vehicles ...

Tell us what you need, we can help with the specifications and the implementation of the best solutions!


Your images wherever you are, with PC, Smartphone or iPhone ...


Through an encrypted IP connection, is possible to access the systems from a computer or smartphone with a Mnufacturers App or software. Through a compatible network infrastructure, it is possible to establish video connections worldwide, view in real time or consult video and other recorded events.

  • High resolution images

  • Mobile remote access

  • Remote query of recorded data / video

  • Built-in long-term memory

  • Completely secure system design

In case of interest, we can perform a technical evaluation, free of charge, to present a proposal for maintenance or supply and installation of your new video security system.

You can use the form on the side, we will contact you to confirm the most convenient date.


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