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Electronic or mechanical locks for safes and security doors.


Developed and tested for banking operations and cash transportation (CIT).

Possibility of remote control and management.

VdS / EN1300 certification

T9530 Segredo Eletrónico


Locks management




PULSE series

Pulse Keyboard 6530

Pulse Teclado 6530 IS

PULSE PRO series

Pulse Pro Keyboard 6630 Dallas

T6630_Dallas  Pulse_Pro


TechMaster Keyboard 9530

Techmaster Teclado 9530 IS


MiniTech Keyboard 9520

MiniTech Teclado 9520 IS


The lock, depending on the model, has the time delay functionality configurable through the keyboard and can support up to 10 Users.

The possibilities of opening in dual mode, the Dallas reader, integration with alarm systems, complete the features of these series.


Certified VdS Class 2 / EN1300


Dallas key reader, alarms, different settings, dual mode, reset, emergency code... everything possible to program from the keyboard.

Audit of 5500 events complete with date and time, up to 50 Users and 10 Override codes, and the innovative ERC Emergency Rescue Codes function. Now you can even forget about the codes.

RGPD/GDPR Compliance

Certified VdS Class 2 / EN1300


Flexible and versatile, the system can meet any requirement choosing from its many programmable functions. The most demanding requirements can be addressed easily and with maximum efficiency.

The system can be managed from anywhere thanks to supervisory software that saves time and resources. All features performed remotely. Now also available in APP for smartphone.

RGPD/GDPR Compliance

Certified VdS Class 2 / EN1300


Dynamic codes (one opening codes) OTC.
Authorization for openings through the use of dynamic codes (OTC) increases the level of security where access to the safe can also be done by external personnel.
Perfect for ETV Transporte de Valores companies that manage safes and for technical staff in case of maintenance.

RGPD/GDPR Compliance

Certified VdS Class 2 / EN1300




offline series

Online IP Series

management platform

Professional locking systems, ideal for replacing mechanical permutation locks.

Ease of operation. The possibility to manage up to nine Users makes these series ideal for use in businesses, banks, public facilities and authorities.

EloStar systems are also suitable for operation with ETV/CIT providers.

VdS/ECB.S: 2/B

These series are especially suitable for application in high security areas such as banks and savings banks, post offices, central boxes and also for strong houses and military installations. They stand out for their comprehensive features, and management of up to 100 Users per lock.

VdS/ECB.S: 2/B & 3/C & 4/D

Central management of locks, users and access profiles.

Innovation and technology in security lock management!

Optimize your operation and your internal procedures, in case of security problems, blocking locks and Users is just a click away.

SIZ-, FIDUCIA- and GAD-certified


Compliance Solutions

Keep your security equipment operational
AT Fechaduras

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Preventive maintenance and technical assistance for the safes and locking mechanisms are essential for permanent and non-stop use.

Keeping safes and locks with periodic preventive maintenance avoids downtime and heavier corrective technical assistance.

With use, mechanical and electronic equipment wears out and needs to be adjusted, lubricated and tested regularly to prevent locks on opening or closing.

In case of interest, we can carry out a technical evaluation, free of charge, of your facilities' systems, with a view to submitting a proposal for maintenance or technical assistance.

You can use the form on the side, we will contact you to confirm the most convenient date.

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