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CCTV Vehicles

Video security solutions for use in security vehicles and public transport.

> Public security forces, Military

> Rescue teams and Firefighters

> Trains, taxis and buses

> Planes, ships ...

Real-time recording and transmission to Control Center or Crisis Rooms.


High performance SOLUTIONS

On board

CCTV Veículos



Mobile NVR / Recorder

PTZ cameras

Mini Domes

Centralization (VMS)

Equipment developed for intensive use and extreme security environments.

Prepared for adverse environmental conditions and with high resistance to vehicle vibration and movement.

Wi-Fi recording and transmission capability on any 3G or 4G network.

Possibility of GPS location, Glonass and Beidou.

Reduced dimensions: 189x60x25cm

Cameras prepared for outdoor use, IP66 rating.

High resolution (1080p / 2MP), H.265 with multi stream capability.

Multi User access support.

The IPC521-W model has its own autonomy for up to 8 hours and communicates with the NVR via Wi-Fi, thus enabling the transfer between vehicles without the need for connecting cables.

Soon the IPC521-G model enables 4G communication.

Various selection possibilities according to the conditions of the installations and the objectives of the Users.

We can provide equipment for all types of environments and lighting conditions.

Various types of fixed, motorized, varifocal and auto focus lenses.

Various functions of intelligent image analysis.

The centralization of systems allows massive recording of all remote units and bidirectional communication / management of all systems.

The Command Center can thus make decisions and act with the support of an intelligent system that filters events and alarms for even more efficient command and management.

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