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Portable CCTV

Video security solutions for portable use:

> Public security forces, Military

> Rescue teams and Firefighters

> Security and private surveillance

> Reporters on the move ...

Real-time recording and transmission (W-FI, GSM) to Control Center or Crisis Rooms.

Operational recording and streaming solutions

DSJ-U3 Body Worn Camera



Units with transmission

Additional cameras


Centralization (VMS)

Equipment developed for portable and moving uses.

Prepared to carry out video and sound transmission in real time.

Depending on the model, Wi-Fi recording and transmission capacity and on any 3G or 4G network.

Possibility of GPS location, Glonass and Beidou.

Bidirectional communication.

Quality construction, ready for intensive uses.

Cameras prepared for connection with DSJ and IPW units.

Discreet and friendly use.

They include a microphone, the Ear-hook models also have a headset that allows you to maintain a comfortable and quality communication.

Video resolution up to 1080p @ 30fps, depending on the model used.

Docking station that makes it possible to recharge, download and update DSJ-U1 units.

Safe lifting system, only authorized Users can remove the units from the support.

The system allows quick and standard download and gives priority to units with alarm events.

The centralization of systems allows massive recording of all remote units and bidirectional communication / management of all systems.

The Command Center can thus make decisions and act with the support of an intelligent system that filters events and alarms for even more efficient command and management.


Unidades c/ transmissão

Kedacom-dsj-u3-bwc all sides
high level protection
  • IP68, adaptable in various environments 

  • Drop resistance up to 2 meters

Excellent video streaming
  • KWTP protocol for 3G/4G/Wi-Fi transmission, improves video stream continuity even under unstable network conditions

  • Video codec H.264 / H.265, save up to 50% bandwidth and disk for recording.

High quality image
  • Night vision using LED and IR

  • High definition and quality streaming, 1080p@30fps

  • EIS function, ensures image quality and stability during pedestrian patrols.

  • Optional camera types (uniform button, badge, earhook)

Recognition functions
  • Supports face recognition

  • Built-in face comparison algorithm, offline alarm

Generous functions and features
  • 2.4” tactile display  

  • Multiple shortcut buttons, additional function custom button

  • Support GPS, GLONASS location function

  • Support external memory

  • Supports clips  removable

DSJ-U3 Doby Worn Cam dimensions
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