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Integrated video intercom system, access and entry control.

Remote control and management of codes and openings, intercom and integrated image.

Smart locks:

Opening doors via PIN code, RFID cards and Smartphones (with App).

Services, Buildings, Offices, Industry, Business, Airbnb Accommodation, Booking, etc ....

Video Porteiro Mobotix-T26 color

Remote control of your door,

wherever You are!

VP Mobotix



Web-Based System

T26 - Chamber

T26 - RFID Keyboard

T26 - DoorMaster

Video Porteiro Mobotix-T26 color
Video Porteiro Mobotix MX-T26

T26 Door Station & Access

Porta Station with Hemispheric Chamber.

Better overview, more security.
The MOBOTIX High Resolution Hemispheric IP Video Station is an innovative and powerful solution that is easy to install.

The T26 is based on the VoIP / SIP Video Intercom standard.

All modules offered for outdoor areas are weather resistant, low maintenance and operate at temperatures ranging from -30°C to 50°C (-22°F to 140°F).

Full vision without blind spots.
Two-way video communication anywhere.
Sound recording, built-in mailbox function.
Keyless entry via encrypted data transfer.

IP network-based installation for remote access.

Complete modular system, includes:

1 Chamber

1 RFID Keyboard + RFID Cards

1 security module

1 Installation box (flush)

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Management via Mobotix network SW.

T26 Outdoor Station Camera


The MOBOTIX T26 Outdoor camera has a 6MP CMOS sensor to capture video with a resolution of up to 6MP (3072 x 2048 pixels) up to 12 fps. The camera has high sensitivity for operation even in low light environments, the LED's on the top of the camera help to illuminate the space next to the camera and the Visitors/Users.
You can have a conversation with Visitors through the built-in speaker and microphone.

This IP65 rated unit is suitable for outdoor use and is rated IK10 for impact and vandal resistance.

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Video Porteiro Teclado MX-KEYPAD-E-BL

Mx-A-KEYC Keyboard


The MOBOTIX keyboard with contactless RFID technology can be used for various functions.

Abroad, it works as an access control interface, either by entering a code on the keyboard or through keyless access using a transponder (such as an RFID card).

This module can also be used by visitors and residents to record and replay messages.

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The T26-DoorMaster module with Power Supply and Backup is designed to add security to the T-26 IP Video Doorphone and makes it impossible to open the door by removing or forcing the system and bypassing the connection cable. The module contains all PINs, transponder data and access dates authorized to open the door.

As this door opening device is installed in protected and secure environments and no relevant access data is stored in the external modules (camera and keyboard), the system is protected against attacks or manipulations from the outside.

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Mobotix Partner

practical applications

Ordinances, Offices, Factories, Industry, Housing...

Some advantages

Online and real-time access.

Remote management of Users and editing of entry and exit dates/times.

Effective control of the entrances of Visitors or Users to the facilities.

Intercom and door opening via Mobotix application for Android and iOS...


VP Hikvision

DS-KIS602 Door Station & Remote Control

Video Intercom - IP System
complete system
IP communication
Connection with App/Smartphone
Linux operating system

Indoor station for video intercom control
Allows direct conversation with users of external modules
It has an intuitive graphical interface
Has network port for networking
Management by Configuration tool or app
Linux operating system

Main Specifications
7" color LCD display with 1024 x 600 px resolution
Internal station with UI v2.0 interface
Built-in speaker and microphone
Video monitoring from the door station/and other IP cameras
Quality sound (echo and noise cancellation)
Remote operation w/ iVMS-4200 app, Hik-Connect

Other functions
Intercom, voice messages, saving images, capturing photos during the owner's absence
Internal memory: 256 MB
Support for microSD cards up to 32GB,
Ethernet interface 1 x RJ-45 10/100 Base-T,
12 VDC or PoE (802.3af) power supply

Video Porteiro Hikvision
Video Porteiro Hikvision


Comelit logo
VP Comelit

Remote and local communication

Video Porteiro Comelit_VP Quadra

Comelit Quadra ViP 8561V (IP)



New version of the Mini Handsfree Internal Post, with a Wi-Fi port that also includes the gateway to the new Comelit App.

The P2P function eliminates the need to set port forwarding on the router, drastically reducing commissioning time.

Smart Registration allows the user to easily activate and use their own Comelit App, which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play for Android or iOS smartphones and tablets.

The set consists of:

1 x 4899 - Quadra external post with 1 button
1 x 6842W - White Mini Wi-Fi Monitor
1 x 1440 - Floor Derivator
1 x 1441B Power Supply 30W

Optionally, this system can be customized and expanded to 4 apartments/offices.

QUADRA - Commercial catalog (PDF)

(Ask for more information or other models)

Video Porteiro Comelit IKALL  sistemas-de-predio

Comelit IKALL Building systems



From the simplest system for operation and local communication to the most complex systems and IP for bidirectional communication and the possibility of remote opening from a mobile device with Comelit application.

We recommend that the dimensions are carried out by a qualified technician.

IKALL - Commercial Catalog (PDF)

(Ask for more information or other models)

Your Video intercom wherever you are, with Smartphone or iPhone...

AT Proposta VP

Thank you, we will contact you soon!


Modular systems can optionally include, in addition to the video intercom with bidirectional intercom, access module, security door opening, and the network module.

Through the standard IP connection, it is possible for the video door entry to connect directly to any computer, iPhone or Smartphone with software or application from the Manufacturer. Through a compatible network infrastructure, it is possible to establish worldwide video connections, open ports remotely or consult video messages or other stored records.

  • 180° panorama with high resolution

  • Mobile remote access

  • Keyless access

  • Mailbox with remote query function

  • Built-in long-term memory

  • System design and completely secure access

In case of interest, we can carry out a technical evaluation, free of charge, with a view to submitting a proposal for the supply and installation of your new video intercom.

You can use the form on the side, we will contact you to confirm the most convenient date.

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