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Passes high security values, ballistic resistance certified FB4


The Model 7052 unit is a complete transfer system, incorporating a window and a Model 52.01 transfer unit.

Ready for installation and with the possibility of being used outdoors since covered.

Ideal for use in commercial areas at risk and at night, such as receptions, ordinances, pharmacies, gas stations ...


External dimensions (mm): W 1010 x W 550 x H 1280mm
Weight (Kg): 230Kg

Model built to offer ballistic resistance according to FB4

Ballistic resistance according to FB4

Made by order


Model 7052 Catalog (PDF)


Pass Values 7052-FB4: Unit with BR4 Glass and 52.01 FB4 Drawer

SKU: 7052-FB4-400259
  • Security and features

    Sliding transfer system for application on external facades. It has an upper drawer for use with small objects and documents and a large drawer for larger objects, it has a protection front panel and an integrated two-way intercom for automatic conversation.
    Small drawer for delivery of values and receipts. It has a design and base with appropriate relief to remove coins.
    The larger drawer can be used to deliver goods such as drinks, snacks, magazines, small objects, etc.
    The reciprocating mechanisms of the drawers are automatically locked when retracted. The system can only be unlocked by your Operator using a handle on the inside.
    It is not possible to access or manipulate the mechanism while it is in motion.
    Dust resistant sealing.
    Offers protection against Magnum 44 firearms (FB4 resistance).
    The glass offers resistance according to BR4 NS.
    The model 7052 complies with German UVV regulations.


    Professional Systems

    Implementation and configuration may require technical knowledge.

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