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Public Intercom


Counter intercoms
Public communication systems
Clear and high-quality two-way sound
Feed back reduction system

Professional systems for high quality intercommunication, application in:

Petrol stations, banks, ticket offices, pharmacies, gunsmiths, security centers, embassies, prisons, treasuries, receptions, ordinances and others ...

40.054.301 Branco

High quality bidirectional




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Public intercom solutions

We work exclusively with the most reliable and professional solutions on the market.

Many services and public services, for safety, have glass protections that allow visual communication but prevent verbal communication and hearing between Users.

Whatever the type of use or installation, CLARSON intercom systems are the most effective solution for a high quality conversation.

Outdoor application solutions

Intercom Bilheteira

Our systems enable flawless and clearly understandable communication at normal volume, even in environments


Thanks to the principle of "open conversation", the systems can transmit in both directions and at the same time, we thus enable a natural and quality communication between the participants.

Indoor Application Solutions

Intercom Banco

Systems with the possibility of use in covered outdoor areas.

Prepared for Users:

Banks, ticket offices, pharmacies, gas stations / gas stations, concierges, security rooms, toll booths, drive-in / drive-thru...

Contact us , we will help you find the best solution for your business.

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