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Multi-brand solutions for automatic fire and gas detection.


Implementation and preventive or corrective maintenance, according to RJ-SCIE, in conventional and addressable systems ...

Implementation in:

Stadiums, Buildings, Airports, Transport Stations, Industry, Banks, Laboratories ...


Safety Facilities.

Early fire detection!

Deteção de Incêndio


Conventional or Addressable Systems

Intelligent system control and early fire detection!

Prevention measures are essential for quick action and for saving lives!

At the beginning of the fire, every second is vital for an efficient control of events.

The information must be complete and in a timely manner, the systems must be dimensioned to offer permanent and real-time service in order to enable a quick and adequate action to each situation.

Equip your facilities with updated and approved systems. The protection of life is the most important.

We have adaptable and dimensioned systems for installations and buildings of all types of uses or dimensions.

Reduce risk, obtain timely checks and information for Users' safety.

The systems allow the detection, detailed, functional and reliable information of the situation of each element and of the events indicated.

Composed by:

Control and monitoring center

Smoke and / or Thermal Detectors

Manual alarm buttons

Remote Beacons

Indoor and outdoor sirens

Repeater panels

Communication / transmission modules

Modules and automatisms for interaction and integration with other management systems of modern buildings.

Deteção e alarme incêndio
Sistemas e Fabricantes SADI

Discover the best and most reliable fire protection solutions.

We work exclusively with the most reliable and professional solutions on the market:



Sistemas e Centrais de Incêndio Alarmes
CDI Centrl de Deteção de Incêndio Alarme


Deteção Detetores de Incêndio Alarme Wireless
Deteção Detetor Linear Alarme de Incêndio Innov


Sirene Alarme de Incêndio
Sirene Alarme de Incêndio Innov
AT Proposta SADI
Keep your fafilities and Users safe

Preventive and Corrective Maintenance

Keep your facilities and Users safe

As a result of self-protection measures (no. 4 of article no. 202 of Ordinance no. 1532/2008), building safety officers are obliged to ensure that installed fire safety equipment and systems are subjected to regular maintenance.

Technical and legal accreditation by ANEPC

For the purpose of carrying out trade activities, installation and / or maintenance of fire safety equipment and systems in buildings in the national market, organizations need to be registered with the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority (ANEPC). This obligation arises from Decree-Law No. 220/2008, of 12 November, meanwhile amended by Decree-Law No. 224/2015, of 9 October, and Decree No. 773/2009, of 21 July.

Preventive maintenance and technical assistance to fire detection systems are essential for early detection and saving lives.

Keeping systems up to date and operational is the responsibility of Owners.

Among others, it must ensure that regular checks and maintenance are carried out on the installed equipment and systems, the latter of which must be carried out by companies duly registered with the National Civil Protection Authority (ANEPC).


The enforcement of these actions makes it possible that, in the event of a fire situation, the installed equipment and security systems are operational in order to safeguard the lives of the occupants and the protection of property.

Neglecting regular maintenance of equipment and security systems is an offense.

In case of interest, we can carry out a technical evaluation, free of charge, of the systems of the facilities with a view to preparing a maintenance proposal under DL 220/2008.

You can use the form on the side, we will contact you to confirm the most convenient date.


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