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Intrusion Detection and Professional Alarm


Full control from your phone!

The smart hub improves the performance of each device added to the system. It controls all devices and collects data with the help of advanced wireless technology, Jeweler. Analyzes threats, filters out false alarms and informs you of real emergencies and alarms.

Tamper protection enhance the security of the system and your facilities.


THE HUB 2 PLUS  It is a second generation intelligent alarm panel with four communication channels, a powerful new processor, tripled RAM capacity and doubled flash memory capacity. Hub Plus monitors the operation of all Ajax detectors and instantly alerts the owner, optionally can also turn on the CRA from  security company.


  • Wireless system (WireLess, two-way)
  • GSM module (SIM 1 + SIM2)
  • WCDMA technology
  • Ethernet Web Module + Wi-Fi
  • Connection with App/Smartphone
  • Enables connection with CRA
  • Quick and hassle-free installation!


  • It even makes it possible  50 partitions  independents and 25 security groups
  • Up to 200 Users 
  • Allows up to 200  wirelessly connected devices
  • Allows you to integrate up to 100 cameras
  • Allows you to create up to 64 scenarios/configurations



Keyboards, Detectors, Commands, Cameras

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AJAX HUB 2 PLUS Wireless Intrusion Detection and Alarm (Black)

Excluding VAT
  • Main Features

    Hub 2 Plus is equipped with a communicator that has 4 independent channels including LTE. This configuration allows you to connect your device to two separate Internet providers via Ethernet and Wi-Fi, with two mobile services ready as a backup. Switching between channels happens easily and in seconds.

    Automated security
    Hub Plus 2 supports 64 scenarios that minimize the human impact on a site's security. It can automatically arm and disarm the entire security system or certain groups by schedule. You can also immediately activate a smoke safety machine in the event of an intrusion, cut the power and switch on the emergency lighting in the event of a fire or cut off the water in the event of a leak. With the use of automation devices, the Hub 2 Plus can control lighting, electric locks and blinds. Scenarios can be activated in response to safe mode changes, alarm triggers, or Button commands.


    • Connected devices: up to 200
    • Connected cameras: up to 100
    • Repeaters: up to 5
    • Users: up to 200
    • Security groups: up to 25
    • Scenarios: up to 64
    • Allows visual verification of alarms




    Suitable and reliable for most installations such as  commercial establishments, offices, restaurants, warehouses, villas, apartments, caravans, boats...

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