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TRANSMITTER Wireless module for connecting other devices to the Ajax system...


...outdoor motion detectors, IR barriers, liquid level detectors, gas detectors, thermal relays and any third party devices with wired outputs.

Operation principle

The device receives the activation signal from the detector via the wired input and sends an alarm to the hub.



The Transmitter integrates wired security equipment into Ajax: intrusion detectors, panic and medical buttons, fire and gas detectors. The type of a connected device is specified in the app. The device type defines the text of the notification received by system users and the alarm code sent to the ARC. The Transmitter is further protected with an accelerometer that detects removal and triggers an alarm if someone opens the lid of a connected detector.


Installation and configuration

It is installed in the outdoor detector box or in a mounting box.




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AJAX TRANSMITTER Module for connecting Third Party systems and detectors

Excluding VAT
  • Main Features

    Wireless module for third-party detector integration

    Indoor/outdoor installation

    Compatibility, only works with Ajax hubs and repeaters

    Alarm input 1

    Tampering Entry 1

    Power supply current Terminals +/−

    3.3V power supply output

    Indication of available battery charge

    Adjustable Alarm Types: Intrusion / Fire / Medical Help / Panic Button / Gas

    Alarm signal transmission time: 0.15 s

    Power supply: three CR123A batteries
    Power supply voltage: 3V

    Battery life: Up to 5 years

    Radio Jeweler Technology

    Communication range with the central unit — up to 1600 m in open space
    Two-way communication channel
    Frequencies: 868.0 - 868.6 MHz
    Auto-adjustable RF output power: up to 20 mW
    Lock encryption based on AES algorithm
    Device consultation period: 12−300 sbr
    Temperature sensor available

    Operating temperature range: -25 °С to +50 °С

    Permissible humidity up to 75%


    Fraud Protection
    Obstruction detection
    Accelerometer to detect removal

    Remote configuration and testing

    Dimensions 100 × 39 × 22 mm

    Weight 74 g

    Warranty for replacement and repair up to 24 months from date of sale. Batteries/batteries are not covered under warranty.

    Full set

    Three CR123A batteries (pre-installed)
    Installation set
    User guide

    Expected shelf life: 10 years


    Suitable and reliable for most installations such as commercial establishments, offices, restaurants, warehouses, villas, apartments, caravans, boats...


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